A Letter From Pastor Craig

A Letter From Pastor Craig:

Hello Lighthouse Bible Fellowship Family,

You will discover soon enough that I am fond of addressing the body of Christ as “forever family,” with an understanding that what we do now counts for all eternity. Upon receiving and acknowledging such a precious salvation as the elect of Christ have been given, we individually and collectively are commissioned by our Lord and Savior as ambassadors of His Kingdom. This “Great Commission” that binds us together, ratified by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, The Christ, and consummated by the indwelling of The Holy Spirit in the elect, is an anchoring “why” for the existence of the bride of Christ, His church. Because Jesus has saved and abides in us, we are to live together as salt and light in the world, for the cause of Christ and the glory of His gospel.

It is with this deep, rich, and sober-minded understanding of God’s church that I and my family prepare to embrace life on mission in Fremont, CA. As we continue packing and making the necessary arrangements for our move, we want to let y’all know that we are excited, looking forward to joining the LBF community and furthering the eternal work of Christ begun through Pastor Strom with the church prior to us. This is an incredible and unique age to be a Christian. Similarly, the enduring work of the church is of particular import, in our current day. We are encouraged to share in and engender the work of the gospel with you all, assuring that LBF is indeed a bright and shining lighthouse of Christ-centered, biblical teaching and preaching for Fremont and the greater bay area.

We’ll be taking up our residence in Fremont, on January 15, 2022. Although we will most certainly make a couple of visits prior to our move, we expect to hit the ground running upon our arrival. Along with preaching and teaching at the church, we will want to get to know the people of the church, as well as the city. Our family will be looking for opportunities for our children to create friendships with others their age, as we seek to establish life’s rhythms for sharing the gospel in community. As we do not have much in the way of biological family, it is normal for us to draw near to our eternal church family for relational discipleship and bonding. Therefore, we invite you to share with us your suggestions on activities, restaurants, and such. We enjoy game nights, hanging out at parks and doing stuff as a family, and hosting UFC fight nights with friends among other things. By God’s grace, there are many ways to engage the glory of God and the joy of all people, and we are eagerly anticipating experiencing them with you.

Please continue to pray with us, in preparation for our arrival, that The Lord will provide clarity and opportunity for every member of the body of Christ at LBF to use your gifts for the edification of His body. Metaphorically, being the church is a team sport in which everyone is equipped to participate. As a pastor, I consider it an essential aspect of my calling to foster an environment of discipleship as critical to body life. I plan on teaching through Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians, as our first book together on Sundays, which I believe undergirds the vision and direction of the church throughout history. Let us look forward to reasoning together and nourishing one another through The Spirit and The Word.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns prior to our coming, be sure to ask any of our elders, as we endeavor to be a unified leadership, preparing ahead for our work well into the 21st century. As the church is promised to remain and strengthen until Christ’s return, according to The Bible, we should maintain a long view of our work together, expecting that Lighthouse Bible Fellowship will be serving the city in the lifetime of our children’s children. That is how I frame, pray for, and envision our upcoming adventure. May The Lord bless you and keep you all. We’ll be seeing you soon. Shalom and much grace.

Coram Deo,

Craig “PC” Greatman & The entire Greatman family